The Reaction Platform

Powerful tools to connect & engage your team

Our AI-powered platform is designed to foster connections, build trust, and create a sense of belonging. Schedule a call with us to learn more on how we can help you build a thriving team

Plug & play ongoing activities

Modern and intuitive design would make it easy to create, participate and measure team activities

Find and book one-off experiences

Whether it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month or International Yoga Day, Reaction gives you the ability to post events on your team’s Reaction app and discover vendors through our marketplace

All work seamlessly on the same app

Forget about asking employees to download a new app every time you want to implement something new. With Reaction, it’s all happening on the same platform.

AI-powered engagement

Auto-generated icebreakers, GIFs, and timely messages make starting conversations effortless for employees, fostering seamless interaction

Ongoing activities

Bring your team together with long-term initiatives that drive long-lasting engagement

Step challenge

Improve employee wellbeing, boost morale, and increase the sense of belonging at your company with the world's #1 workplace step challenge. Start for free

Squat challenge

Empower your team to compete in daily average squats, automatically counted using AI computer vision technology

An employee relaxed at work


Members will be motivated to incorporate brief breathing breaks into their day, earning points for achieving their break goals. This aids in cultivating a relaxation routine

Employee guessing score

Score prediction

Who's up for guessing the next Eurovision champion, Super Bowl winner or World Cup Match results? In this score prediction challenge, members earn points for their predictions!

app icon for a plank challenge

Plank Challenge

Boost your fitness with our Plank Challenge, powered by motion tracking technology. Perfect for team members to compete and stay connected

corporate volunteering app cover


Empower employees to discover volunteering opportunities, build personalized sustainability programs, and easily find avenues for donations.

Employee participating in a fun team-building activity

Photo Challenge

Members will receive a daily prompt, take a picture in response, and anonymously rate others' responses. This will create a collage of fun and happy pictures

Employee running

Run crew

Launch a Workplace Run Crew! Runners can select a training program or log their runs to be showcased on the crew leaderboard, fostering mutual support and motivation

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3 happy employees together taking photo

Ready.. Set..


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