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Our tech and touch approach

While teams of all sizes understand the importance of employee wellbeing, many struggle with sustainable engagement in their programs. Having an employee drop out a month after the program launch is not a happy ending for the wellness manager who invested effort and energy into creating the program. 

Improving healthy habits can take time and employees might need a little push and assistance along the way. This is where our health coaches come into play. Each Reaction app comes with a health coach that is accessible to all employees via chat. The health coaches are not just waiting for employees to reach out, they proactively engage app participants and motivate retention.

The result – higher participation, retention and engagement in your program – 5 times more than any other wellness app/platform in the market.

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Certified wellness experts offering support

The coaches working with Reaction are certified wellness experts with proven experience supporting corporate wellness initiatives. These include various principles of wellness such as nutrition, fitness, stress management and work-life balance. your selected coach is also a contact you can reach out to at any time for analytics, feedback, goal setting and more.

Proactively engage your team

The coaches use a dedicated Reaction Coach app that helps them understand how to engage your team the best. On their app, they can see employees with a risk of churn, analyze the initiative performance and receive smart recommendations from our system on how to best engage participants.

Head coaches on Reaction

The world's best workplace wellness experts

Proved experience in leading corporate wellness programs to success.

Purchasing Extra Coaching Services for Your Team

Each Reaction subscription includes a coach that leads your initiative and engages employees on the app. Coaches can provide personalized services such as one-on-one health coaching, including personal progress monitoring and support for added fees. The Reaction coach network is based in more than 40 countries and supports employees across all timezones.

One-on-one health coaching

Once you purchase an add-on coaching package, your employees will be notified on the Reaction app that they can now access one-on-one health coaching. Interested employees can schedule an initial call with the coach where they will set goals for a 6-week journey. Following the call, employees receive a personalized program on the Reaction app and the coach monitors and tracks their performance, up weekly to make sure they are staying on track.

Measurable results

Use of the admin dashboard ensures that the dollars spent on health coaching are making an impact. You can monitor how many individuals are utilizing the service, employee satisfaction with coaches, and whether the service has an impact on your overall initiative performance.

Coaching packages pricing

Each one-on-one employee coaching plan is 6-week long and takes 5 coaching hours, split into 30-minute sessions for initial call, program personalization, and weekly follow-ups for 6 weeks. In other words, the purchase of 50 coaching hours means that 10 employees in your team receive a 6-week one-on-one health coaching. Available packages

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