Tech and Touch Workplace Wellbeing

Utilise the power of technology, combined with the authenticity of human interaction to maximise participation, retention and engagement in your corporate wellness program.

Wellness coach

A single app with everything you need

Your company-branded Reaction Club app comes with a built-in set of wellness apps. It’s like having a meditation app, fitness app, nutrition app, step counting app (and more) all in one app. This allows employees to select a program that meets their personalised goals and needs. By appealing to wider audiences you will also maximise your programs ROI.

A real coach that makes it work

As you subscribe to Reaction we will connect you to your expert coach who will provide you with everything you need, including pre-launch, employee onboarding, as well as post- launch support. Employees can chat with the coach directly on the app for guidance. That’s not all. The coach will proactively engage the team and reach out to employees personally when they are not active on the app.

comprehensive corporate wellness solution

Head coaches on Reaction

The world's best workplace wellness experts

Proved experience in leading corporate wellness programs to success.

Looking for a world's mental heath day activity?

Your head coach can help

Finding external vendors on the Reaction marketplace to deliver lectures/workshops/sessions, onboarding them to your Reaction app, informing employees and requesting feedback. Your head coach can do it all (and more).

Support you

A contact that you can reach out to at any time for analytics, feedback, goal setting and more.

Engage your team

Proactively reach out to employees to keep them active on the program.

Analyse & Improve

Track programs performance, ROI, suggest improvements and more.

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