Battle it Out Iconic Holiday Team game Challenge




We don’t promote fighting  but we do promote fun battles to cut down the boredom! Come let’s get into the spirit of Christmas and New Year all pumped up.

This experience is created to add a dash of cinnamon and a spark of lights to your festive celebrations, by starting a creative and interactive battle with the help of season-themed games and activities.

The idea is to have some sparks flying amongst the contestants, every individual needs to play for their own sake and to maintain their position on the battlefield. One wrong move could have you just beating the batter while the others lick the icing on the cake.

Each round will have its own exciting elements, from ticking stopwatch to testing the sudden reflex and also the speed of your brain cells! It is a crazy high energy fun battling game where you either have a chance of winning the prize or complaining to Santa with teary eyes.

 Games like-

> The Grinch wants to know What You Have Got

> Dumb Charades – Can Santa guess what you are doing this Christmas

> This Christmas gift some dares

> Two Truths and a Lie  – Do you deserve to be on the naughty list?

> Once Upon a Time – The Gossip mill is running about  Santa…

 This experience will not just be fun while it will be played but also leave you with a rush to come back and that is exactly what we will be offering! Come and let’s create memories this Christmas.

Terms: Pricing is for up to 10 participants. Please contact your coach for larger group bookings


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