Christmas & Holiday Special- Movie Trivia Night


About this event 🏄‍♀️

While we prepare for another holiday filled with love, joy and some eggnog 😁 how about a movie trivia night that will remind us of the movies that made our Christmas all the more special while growing up.

Movies are an escape from all sorts of boredom – it’s time we put our movie knowledge to test and pays off all the sleepless! Are you folks ready to be on internet’s most loved movie trivia night?

Let’s see how quick you would be at recognising your Christmas movies but just a glimpse of it, or how good you are at recalling the actors’ names by just listening to their voices.

And if you haven’t been a fan of the usual Christmas movies, how about you write a small plot for a Christmas movie yourself but just within a couple of minutes.                                     

We will begin by knowing each other better by asking some fun questions and will move straight into the movie trivia room where the world of Movies awaits you with open arms.

This room is filled with guessing audio-visual games, knowing your honest opinions of the movie plots, competing in an one-o-one movie buffs dynamic, discussing some mesmerising cinema and so much more!

The experience is filled with surprises , laughter moments and jaw dropping facts.

Key Highlights of this experience

– A roleplay to recreate some of epic scenes together

– The love for dumb charades in a new style

– Mix & match up of two movies into one

– Decode the movie soundtracks

Choose from fully Hollywood or fully Bollywood or a mix of the two.

All this and more in our Christmas Special movie trivia night

PS – You do not have to be a couch potato to be able to participate in this experience , the content of this experience is global and corporate friendly to suit all kind of teams, folks and family!

PSS – We are now hosting 24×7 

Terms: Pricing is for up to 10 participants. Please contact your coach for larger group bookings

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