Remote Trivia Night




Players compete in teams over trivia questions that no one can possibly know the answers to.

Players are divided into small teams to compete. Each round begins with a numerical and impossible trivia question, like “How high was the highest bumblebee recorded, in feet above sea level?” or “In centigrade, what is the temperature of a flash of lighting?”

First, players each make an individual answer. Then, a set of player answers are displayed to the group, and teams can debate over which answer is correct. More points are awarded the less idea anyone had about the answers — which is bound to happen!

The game can be customized completely to suit your group. Custom trivia sets, event lengths, pre-assigned teams and more — we can make sure that your game of Wild Guess is made just for you! 


Trivia can make employees smarter and mobilize breakthrough thinking:

  1. Improving cognitive skills by providing mental cross-training known as asymmetric thinking that generates greater creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capabilities.
  2. Shifting participants to be more alert and receptive to useful information, thus accelerating the learning curve.
  3. Facilitating better memory by increasing accessible intelligence. This is accomplished by exercising memory recall systems in the brain.
  4. Building community through the sharing of common knowledge, serving as a unique social interaction and communication model.
  5. Assisting in concept formation by providing targeted streams of information in a question and answer format. This leads to greater understanding of targeted subjects.


Session duration: 50mins

Up to 30 participants per session 



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