Mindful Parenting Wellness Workshop




Considering lockdowns, work from home arrangements and school closures our roles between home and work have blended into each other, how would you like to optimise your family experience of all being together? How can you use this situation to define your identity as a parent with more clarity? Would you like to reframe the circumstance to joyfully be with the kids?

• Learn a framework of creating boundaries for when to solve problems for your children and when to empower them to do it themselves
• Appreciate the importance of presence and dedicating the right energy rather than measuring time spent to the family
• Gain strategies in self-care to enable you to show up more calmly when looking after your children
• Exploring the emotional triggers as a parent, guilt, shame, anger, frustration and how to let go of our preconceived notions to allow more space for love and connection

Duration of session: 1 hour

Website: https://inspire-yoga.com/corporate-wellness/


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