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Reaction enables you to create activities that bond people together and empower positive change in the workplace. 

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Bring your people together through shared activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing. Break down barriers, inspire mutual support, and reward engagement in the workplace.

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Through the easy-to-use mobile app, members can join activities, events, and communities. Each activity is designed to help members improve their personal wellbeing and connect with colleagues.

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Members earn points, redeemable for gift cards and donations, when they participate in activities, share their achievements, and motivate colleagues.

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Streamline engagement

Reaction eliminates the need for finding and implementing different products each time you want to bond and energize your team. Many of our customers replace their traditional engagement platforms, wellness apps, and rewards software with our solution.

“After trying many tools, I realized that creating team bonding and engagement is not about giving employees a channel to interact, it’s about giving them a context and motivating them to connect, and that’s what Reaction is really great for”

Carla G, Dev Ops manager
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  • Free for up to 30 members
  • No credit card required
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