Connect & Energize Your Workforce

Innovate and run employee experience programs that improve work relationships, build morale, increase retention, and shape the company culture

Own the Strategy and Budget

Drive efficient, scalable programs that meet the dynamic needs of your company.





Boost Engagement and Spark Human Connection

Invite an employee to lead a program or find a certified expert in your area. Through a dedicated coach app, we’ll give them everything they need to effortlessly track progress, motivate, support, and empower their peers.

Enhance Employee Experience Through Behavioral Science and Technology

Task-based programs, intuitive app led by human touch and reinforced by teammate support. 

Use Data to Analyze Trends and Drive Smart, Informed Decisions

Reduce administration inefficiency by 80% - no more messy spreadsheets and data entry. One-tap staff onboarding and instant, easy to read reports.

Foster an Inclusive, Joyful and Well-Connected Company

Increase engagement by 4X - create opportunities for employees to connect, no matter where they are. Build your company brand when employees share their progress, all using customized logos within the app!

I first started using the application when I joined the company and completed the remote onboarding program. Now it’s helping me maintain my physical and mental health while we continue to work from home. I love the app! Thanks a lot!

MJ, Employee, Virtually Together program

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