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Creating and managing team-building activities, employee engagement and wellbeing has never been easier. Reaction auto-generates challenges, events, and communities to connect and energize your workforce. Start for free.

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  • Invite your employees to join a workplace step challenge, the perfect first team-building activity
  • Participants earn points for reaching their goals, sharing progress, and supporting colleagues
  • Points are redeemable for cool rewards

Sit back & relax

Reaction sparks conversations between members, posts engaging content, and fosters a sense of community. As your step challenge progresses, Reaction creates more activities and events to keep your team engaged.

Spark conversations
Find hundreds of exclusive team-building activities on our marketplace and instantly book memorable experiences for your team

Boost Engagement

  • Empower your employees to create team events such as lunch break walks, mid-day stretching, and coffee time. Enable your people to actively participate in the progress of building a positive and engaging workplace culture
  • Integrate office activities if you already have them in place or discover vendors in our marketplace
  • Employees will earn points for attending and sharing their experiences, encouraging active participation, and creating a vibrant community within the workplace


The admin dashboard empowers you to track participation, understand which activities work best for your team, identify the most engaged members, and discover what rewards motivate them.

Improve Team Performance

Reaction brings together team-building, employee wellbeing, engagement, and rewards in a single user-friendly and automated platform. Empowering busy team leaders to create high-performing teams with stronger bonds.

Effortless Engagement

"Initially I had my doubts, but this tool really works!”
Carla G
"Our team LOVE Reaction. It's so engaging and fun”
david C

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