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Create a workplace where people feel like they belong

  • Team building activities
  • Wellness challenges & programs
  • Recognition & rewards
  • Community creation tools
  • Engagement tracking and management


Less turnover


More satisfied


Less absenteeism


More productive

Find and implement in just a few clicks

Plug-and-play initiatives to keep things fresh and engagement high in the long term. Reaction gives you access to a growing number of tools, all working seamlessly through a single platform.

Streamlined employee experience

Implementing initiatives is hassle-free—your employees don’t need to install new apps or learn new platforms. A single app operates all the engagement tools and activities.

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Statistics on Reaction Club workplace success

“Reaction completely transformed our team dynamics. It’s so easy to use and almost works by itself, so as a busy manager I find it a highly effective tool for keeping my team happy and engaged”

Carla G, Dev Ops manager

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A fun team activity to connect your team and boost energy levels. Compatible with Android and iOS, no wearables required


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Ready.. Set..

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