Support Group

Common Goals Bring Employees Together

Let employees become motivators for each other and share their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Dedicated Coaches Lead Group Engagement

Invite an employee to lead a group or find a certified expert in your area. Through a dedicated coach app we’ll give them the superpowers to lead more people, in less time with better results.

Programs Guide The Progress

Habit-changing programs includes pre-recorded workouts, meditations, nutrition tasks and more, helping employees stay engaged wherever they are in the world.

Employees Enjoy A Personalized Experience 

Once your groups are ready for lift off, send employees an invite link with an access to an easy-to-use app where they can select what wellness journey they want to go on.

Shared Channels Bring Companies Together

Members can share experiences and #CrewLove with each other on the company feed. Support, energize and create a team bonding experience.

Increase Brand Connection With Branded Stickers

Add your branded stickers so employees can post wellness moments and become your company's top ambassadors.

Full Visibility And Control 

Help drive your program towards success through statistics and real-time data. Analyze and share success internally to improve employee engagement.