Connect & energise hybrid workforces

The only tool you need to make wellness in the workplace thrive

Take your wellness initiative to a new level of participation, retention and engagement. Unite teams and increase employees’ sense of belonging at the company. 

High tech - high touch

Individually tailored, while maintaining the social element that is so vital to the workplace

A real coach will help your employees build their ultimate wellbeing routine, connect them with like minded employees, track their progress and motivate them to make sure they’re sticking to it. 


when we say wellness...

Reaction is a comprehensive solution covering all the aspects of wellbeing

Fun, engaging & social experience

We use smart gamification and rewards to motivate employees to interact with each other

Employees earn points, redeemable for awesome rewards, by progressing with their wellbeing journey, and by motivating and interacting with colleagues. 

Easy to manage and measure

Evaluate success and ROI based on engagement and retention data.

Centralised experience

A branded company app with all your wellness services in one place. No more disparate tools interrupting your workflow.

Head Coach

A real coach will lead the program for your company, coordinate services, motivate employees, and engage teams.

Vendors management

Find a local or virtual vendor (or connect the ones already working for you) and let them post their service /lecture /program to your app.

All-in-one solution

Meditation app, step counting app, onsite yoga class, virtual nutrition lecture, and more.

The Reaction app has it all. One platform to create, manage and measure your wellness program.

Corporate wellness provider?

Transform your corporate wellness business into a tech and touch solution. Serve your clients using Reaction and join our vendors marketplace to get connected and serve companies that are already using Reaction.

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Wellbeing for remote employees