Tech and Touch

Digital wellness groups led by a human coach. Fully personalized, with a sense of a community. Face to face and online.

Onsite Events

Whether it’s a weekly yoga class, monthly meditation, or a nutrition workshop, all onsite events are led by a trusted wellness coach at the comfort of your office.

Online Program

The coach will provide an online personal program based on each employee’s schedule and progress, along with constant encouragement to help each member stay on track.

How it Works

We find, screen, and onboard top wellness experts in your area

Create a Program and Invite Employees

Open a group, assign a coach, and invite employees to join.

Seamless Management

Track onsite event attendance, online participation, and retention for each group. Ensure success through control. Employees can rate the coaches, helping HR determine whether the coach is the right fit and adjust accordingly.

Leave It To The Coach

Your lead coach will create a personalized program for each employee, support and manage the group’s progress. Meanwhile, you can enjoy full visibility and control to track ROI.

More Than Just Reducing Healthcare Costs

We use wellness to create true, engaging moments, that strengthen the connection employees feel towards their company. The coach will encourage employees to share their wellness moments with others, forming an internal positive community within the company.