We Know

You Know

Wellness activities connect people, create strong communities, encourage unity and further employee motivation. 

But Houston We Have A Problem

Existing wellness programs fail to meet company’s needs

  • Low participation- large decline after a few weeks.

  • High cost and minimal ROI

  • Ineffective for HR- resource draining and unnecessary supervision required

The Reaction Human & Digital Hybrid

Wellness Culture Creation Platform

Leave It To The Coach

How Customization 


Build A Perfectly Tailored Wellness Initiative

Find/Invite A Coach To Lead The Group

Connect with one of our certified coaches in your area or invite someone in your company to lead the group, motivate and engage employees to actively participate.

Pick An Online Training Program

Allow employees to enjoy online interactive wellness programs, written by world class experts, at their own time and place. Those who can't join onsite activities can now be part of the group!

Create Onsite Events

Encourage employees to commit to taking part in onsite activities. The app will manage reminders, reports and everything needed to increase participation rate.

Invite Employees

Send the link to all employees, sit back and relax.

Each employee will choose his desired group and connect with their coach for a personalized wellness program.

Nurture A Culture Of Wellness

Whether employees join onsite events or use the online programs they will be encouraged to share their achievements with others, earn points and use branded stickers when posting their pictures. All these tools together will help build a culture of wellness within your brand.


One company news feed for all offices and employees, helping to build spread branded wellness culture, no matter their location.

Measure And Share 

We help you measure employee interaction, brand engagement and other values that show the impact a wellness culture has within your company . Don’t forget to share your achievements internally (with just one click)!!

Create Groups
Invite Employees