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Employees earn points, redeemable for rewards, by participating in team challenges, attending events, completing wellness activities, and interacting with colleagues


  • The app comes with content, events, and rewards to help you get started engaging your team right away
  • Easily schedule weekly coffee breaks, after-work drinks, or other team-building activities
  • Discover hundreds of team-building activities on our marketplace and instantly book an experience for your team
Find hundreds of exclusive team-building activities on our marketplace and instantly book memorable experiences for your team

Automate engagement through gamification

The app makes team building fun and rewarding, improving relationships and team dynamics

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  • Manage all aspects of team-building, wellbeing, and rewards in one place
  • Track engagement metrics and identify team members who may be at risk of disengaging or leaving the team
Measure team building and engagement performance

Expert's support

Our team-building expert service handles engagement efforts for you. From planning activities to engaging members, our external team builder takes care of it all

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"Initially I had my doubts, but this tool really works!”
Carla G
"Our team LOVE Reaction. It's so engaging and fun”
david C
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