Workplace wellbeing

Reaction is the only tool you need to make wellness in the workplace thrive

Take your wellness initiative to a new level of participation, retention and engagement. Unite teams and increase employees’ sense of belonging at the company. 

workplace wellbeing

Personalised employee experience

A comprehensive solution covering all aspects of wellbeing

Enable employees to build their ultimate wellbeing routine, focused on their personal needs and goals.

Led by a real coach

Each app comes with a real coach to support you and your employees in the process. As you subscribe to Reaction you’ll be given a contact (Head Coach) who will provide you with everything you need in the pre-launch stage, during employee onboarding, and when it’s live. It will be a contact that you can reach out to at any time for analytics/ feedback/goal setting and more.

Branded with your company logo

With ready to use wellness programs in various categories, you can add/remove programs at any time.


Employees can build their personalised routine by selecting programs and events and get the guidance of a real coach. This is a game changer for participation and retention levels.

Live events

Weekly live sessions led by experts in nutrition, fitness, meditation and more. You can also integrate your current and/or previous wellness vendors to the Reaction App, so employees can find all your company events in one place.


Each Reaction subscription includes a built-in rewards budget to motivate participation and engagement. You can add rewards of your own, such as your company's product or services.

Donna Powell

Mental Health Expert

manage all your company events with ease

Integrate service providers

Looking for a post-holidays nutrition workshop? A mental health lecture? Find new service providers or connect the ones you are already working with to your company Reaction app. Vendors can post their events to your company app, answer employees’ questions, and get paid through the platform.

Is it really working?!

Real time analytics

Reaction utilises wellness as a vehicle to connect teams and increase employees’ sense of belonging. Your dashboard will enable you to gain insight into how the Reaction App supports and engages your team

Corporate wellness reports

You're in good company

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