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Earn points redeemable for tree planting, gift cards, and donations for workplace engagement and wellbeing

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How it works

Employees earn points by participating in team activities, reaching their wellbeing goals, sharing achievements on the feed, and supporting colleagues. These points can be redeemed for rewards, fostering a more connected and engaged workplace

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no additional cost to organizations as our premium plans come with a built-in budget for rewards, which is a percentage of the subscription size.

While some organizations may choose to add more budget to rewards to increase engagement and reduce the points required for rewards, it is not mandatory.

As members redeem rewards and approach the budget limit, the points required for each reward increase, and conversely, if the budget is not used, the points required for a reward decrease. The system tries to maximize engagement based on the current performance.

Points are given to members for achieving personal goals, sharing their progress to the feed and motivating and supporting others. Members can visit the rewards tab inside the app to view their points history and also see what they did to gain their points

The system flags activities that do not appear to be genuine for review by our team. Points may be removed for activities that violate the terms and conditions, and users may be banned from using the platform for more serious violations such as spamming or posting inappropriate content.

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