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A successful employee wellness program is cost effective and easy for HR to administer. It also must benefit all your employees: not just those who are already engaged in an activity like yoga. Most importantly of all, your employees must continue to engage with it, and continue to benefit from it.

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You can ask your employees what they want in a wellness program, but how accurate will their answer be, if they’ve never used one before? Reaction has a more effective approach. Give 10 employees a program today. They can use it for FREE forever. See which programs they actually use in your dashboard. Ask them what they like, and what can be improved. Get feedback and data now BEFORE rolling out a program to the entire team.

Programs For All Your Employees

Every week dozens of companies contact us with the same complaint, “Only a handful of employees engage with our program.” Reaction offers something for every member of your team: mental, emotional and physical programs. Try them now.

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Industry Leading Employees Engagement

It’s easy to start a program, more challenging to maintain it. So your programs must have built-in, ongoing support. Reaction has dozens of features that improve ongoing engagement, and real world data, proving that tens of thousands of employees continue engaging month after month. But the most prominent, and most beloved, feature is the access to a real, live personal coach. Start your FREE trial now, and give 10 employees their own personal coach today.

Employees Earn Rewards For Participating

Frequent, valuable rewards are the most motivating. And Reaction is packed with them: Amazon cards, Starbucks cards and many more.  Start your free trial now and your employees can start earning points that they can exchange for rewards today. 

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