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Multiple solutions in one place

The secret sauce

Playbook is a smart library of wellness program and its one of the most powerful features in the Reaction system as it gives you the ability to create highly engaging interactive programs.

Program is a pre-recorded content designed to span over a particular period of time and be delivered to members by small pieces (each piece in it’s planned date). 

There are 3 type of programs you can create: daily, weekly and VOD. 

What makes the programs really efficient in driving retention is a built-in engagement mechanism.


5  Days walking challenge

In this daily program example your members will see every day only the relevant task to compete. 

The Platform structure

The Platform Structure

Member app

For members participating in programs, accessing services and joining communities

Coach App

For independent coaches or coaches working for a wellness company

Admin Web

For wellness companies or organisations managing multiple coaches and services

Privacy Policy

Tailored for corporate needs

We know serving corporate clients require special modification. To make it easy for you, and your clients, we have built set of tools with your members privacy in mind.

We manage data securely on AWS servers (in Europe and USA) and minimize the expose of sensitive personal information 

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