Easy to use and simple

In a busy workplace, we believe employee engagement should be quick to set up and self-sustaining. Reaction is a single solution for engagement, wellbeing, and rewards that prioritizes speed and simplicity.

List of team building activities ideas for small and big companies

Activities hub

your admin panel includes a range of ongoing team-building activities designed for long-lasting engagement. Each activity functions like an app and operates seamlessly within our platform. Select an activity, set a start date and duration and we’ll take care of the rest

  • Together with our partners, we consistently develop new “apps” for activities, allowing you to continually surprise your team with innovative experiences

Leaderboard & announcements

The Reaction Club app turns individual activities into a team experience where participants can stay motivated by viewing others’ progress and achievements. Everything is managed for you automatically, from announcements to rewards and more

Teams & offices

Create a healthy competition between teams, departments, and offices, motivating them to collaborate, and support each other

AI-generated Icebreaker

Members are encouraged to motivate and support each other’s progress. AI-generated icebreakers will spark conversation and social interactions

Effortlessly Manage Onsite and Virtual Team-Building Events

Custom events

The platform enables you to add your team events and generate excitement and engagement for upcoming team gatherings

Automated rewards

Members earn points for their engagement that can be redeemed for gift cards or donations. The system ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to earn rewards, providing incentives to engage with colleagues

Shows happy employee with rewards app
Engagement analytics dashboard

Engagement analytics

Review activities participation and analyze employee engagement. For larger companies with multiple teams, we provide the capability to view all team analytics in a single, convenient location

Branded stickers

Team members can share photos and add company-branded stickers to their posts. This helps employees earn more points for rewards and also promotes a positive company culture

Privacy & data security

We take your company and employees’ data privacy and security seriously, and follow the GDPR and HIPAA guidelines. Additionally, we provide direct support to you and your team members directly from the app

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Ready.. Set..


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