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Meet our autopilot solution that has everything you need to connect & energize your workforce

Designed to engage

Our technology turns wellness activities into a social experience that bonds teams together. Create an app, invite 5+ members and see our magical Interactions Engine™ in action.


Fun, user friendly challenges that work intuitively and are easy to understand.


Members can build their own personal wellbeing plans by selecting ready-to-use programs such as meditations, nutrition programs, fitness videos and more.


Manage in-person and online team-building events through an advanced scheduling system. Reaction provides monthly workshops related to seasonal events, such as “International Stress Week”, meaning that you have online events available to your team as soon as you join. 

Branded stickers

Members can share photos to the feed and add their company branded stickers to their posts. Using company stickers helps employees earn more points for rewards and also improves company culture.


Enable like-minded members to connect through hobbies and interests. Reaction will set up an initial channel that you can customize at any time.


We incentivize members to participate and engage through a smart points and rewards system. Our subscription includes a basic rewards package which is available as soon as you launch.

Real coach

We know you’re busy and we don’t want to add extra work to your day, so we will assign a coach to lead the program for you, answer questions and make sure participants stay engaged.

Reaction is the only team-building solution that uses a tech & touch approach and this is our secret source for success.

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