Maria Morris

Handling Hormone Fluctuations at Work

Is brain fog, fatigue and stress ruining your day at work? Join Maria Morris, Ergonomics and Wellness Consultant to discover her simple strategies for working with a clearer brain, all day every day. For anyone with hormonal imbalance especially women who are pregnant, suffer Menstrual or Menopausal symptoms. 

Quick, easy fun ways to keep your hormones from taking over your day. Enjoy a calmer mind and a stress-free, cooler body. You’ll come away from this session feeling energised, happier, and become more productive. Maria started as an occupational therapist, then added ergonomics, mindfulness, eco or nature therapy and wellness to her skillset. Over the last 30 years she has enjoyed working with the Royal Household, Health and Safety Executive, Sleep Council, Royal College of Nursing, Balfour Beatty, MI5 and Government and many others.

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