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The AI-Powered Yoga Challenge

Innovative experience combines the power of yoga with cutting-edge technology to create a fun and engaging challenge for your team.
International Yoga Day - June 21st 2024

How it works

  • One Week of Yoga: The challenge runs for one exciting week, with a new pose revealed in the app each day.


  • Practice Anytime, Anywhere: Team members have the flexibility to practice each pose whenever and wherever it suits them best.


  • AI-Powered Guidance: Our intelligent coaching system utilizes motion tracking technology to provide real-time feedback and corrections, ensuring everyone perfects their form.


  • Track Your Team’s Progress: The app automatically tracks each team member’s practice time, accumulating it into a team total.


  • Leaderboard Excitement: Watch your team’s progress on the leaderboard and fuel friendly competition as you climb the ranks.


  • Celebrate Victory: The team with the most cumulative practice time at the end of the week wins! We’ll help you celebrate with awesome rewards and recognition for your team’s dedication.

International Yoga Day

June 21st 2024

Challenge mode

Solo and teams

  • Solo Competition: Team members compete individually for points and personal achievements.
  • Team Collaboration:  Team members make individual contributions but their points combine for a total team score.

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