Introducing the Programs Store

Introducing the Programs Store: A Convenient Way for Employees and Companies to Purchase Programs and Workshops by Leading Wellness Experts
Introducing the Programs Store: A Convenient Way for Employees and Companies to Purchase Programs and Workshops by Leading Wellness Experts

The Reaction Club app empowers leaders to use wellness as a tool for team building. Each team member can create a personalized wellbeing plan that aligns with their goals and needs, and connect with other team members who have similar plans for a shared journey.

Reaction combines social awareness, real coaching, and rewards to motivate members to stick with their plans and achieve lasting results. Members earn points for completing activities in their program and for sharing their experiences, which can be redeemed for cool products and services on the app.

A real wellness coach oversees each Reaction community, providing support, motivation, and content to energize members, connect them, and help them stay on track. This unique blend of technology and personal touch has proven to be highly effective in community building and retention, making the Reaction Club product stand out.

With three layers of motivation – real coaching, supportive community, and rewards – app users are 7X more likely to stick to their plan for over 12 weeks and improve their wellbeing.

Programs and plans

Up until now, the Reaction Club app has come with built-in programs in six topics, each containing different plans based on level, duration, and capabilities. For example, a walking program would include a step tracker and personalized goals based on the user’s recent activity, while a meditation program would offer plans for beginners, a weekly routine, a sleep-focused meditation plan, and more. This variety of content enables companies to create a comprehensive wellbeing solution, led by a wellness expert, in just a few minutes. 

The Reaction Club app’s inclusion of programs, live sessions, and a program leader (the coach) is a game-changer in the industry and has contributed to the company’s rapid growth. 

Introducing the Program Store

In 2023, we will be introducing the Programs Store, an easier way for companies to access high-quality content for their needs. The store will feature programs created by wellness experts and brands that have been approved by our team. Companies will be able to provide their employees with even more programs from a source they trust.

At Reaction, we value the trust our customers and users have placed in our brand, and we are currently working on a program review process. As a wellness expert or brand, you can apply to have your program featured in our store and available to companies and app users. When your program is published and purchased, you will start earning revenue for each company that uses it based on the number of app users they have.

Timeline and approach

We are planning a beta release in mid-January for a small group of clients, featuring a selection of programs. The full roll-out of this upgrade is planned for within the next six months. Wellness experts and brands who are interested in participating in the beta phase can contact us to learn more about the requirements and terms. Please note that we will not be able to accept any submissions at this time, so be sure to reach out to us before beginning work on your program.

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