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Encourage participation and engagement

Wellness program rewards

Earn points, win prizes

Adding an element of gamification to programs helps to fuel the enthusiasm of all those taking part. We’ve found that wellness initiatives featuring a rewards system increases participation by 28% and long-term engagement by an average of 52%.

The Reaction platform enables you to create a company rewards system based on your goals and budget.

Fact: Rewards will positively impact ROI

Drive higher engagement

Participants receive points for being active in your program and for motivating other members. The app will trigger personalised notifications to further boost engagement, helping to maximise the wellness program’s performance.

Average participation increase
Average retention increase (over 6 months)
Average engagement increase
Wellness program rewards

Build your own community

Motivate and engage

Most providers receive a budget from their corporate clients, to be spent on rewards. However, some create partnerships with local businesses to offer employees more exciting rewards.

To help you manage your rewards budget, Reaction allows you to set the number of points needed for a reward and the quantity of rewards on offer. You can easily manage your rewards program on the go, directly via your admin website.

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