Reports & Analytics

Effective analytics from a data-driven approach

Measure ROI and improve services

Reaction generates analytics and reports to help you understand how effectively your program is working and how it can be improved even further. Detailed reports enable you to communicate effectively and provide evidence to those in control of approving corporate wellness budgets.

Real-time data

Everything at your fingertips

Find out in an instant exactly how your programs, classes and activities are performing.

Beyond wellness

More than numbers

Prove to corporate management that your programs aren’t simply encouraging staff members to be more active but that they’re effectively fostering meaningful connections between team members throughout the organisation.

Analytical advantage

The real impact

Benefit from a true competitive advantage over rivals by utilising Reaction’s reports and analytics. Show exactly how your programs are positively affecting both individual employees and the company as a whole.

Wellness classed schedule and reports software
Corporate wellness reports

Auto-Coach Anna

Your AI assistant

Built to enhance your decision-making process

Translate data into effective actions

Meet Anna, your virtual assistant. Designed over two years, Anna uses data to improve the ROI of your programs significantly. By collecting and correlating data from all initiatives managed on the Reaction platform, she provides game-changing insights into how you can improve your services.

Anna will constantly collect all relevant data before using what she learned to suggest simple, one-click actions to positively impact your wellness program.

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Frequently asked questions

Reaction measures various aspects of your programs. Monitor weekly, monthly and overall participation. Find out registration and attendance figures for in-person and live sessions. Understand how many members are engaging with pre-recorded programs, plus much more.

When employees complete tasks and activities, the Reaction app encourages them to share pictures, both with their coach and to motivate others. Various stickers can be used when sharing a picture, including company logos and colours, amongst others. The Reaction app measures how many members are using branded stickers and whether there’s an increase over time. An increase in the use of these stickers points towards an increasing emotional connection to the brand.

Simply invite the company’s team to view the real-time reports on the admin website or export the information and send it via email.

The auto-coach Anna will gather insights from the actions of all users and will use these insights to provide you with smart recommendations. These recommendations will be specifically designed to improve your results.

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