Reaction Announces the “Steps for Charity” Ecosystem

Reaction Club introduces the "Steps for Charity" challenge, allowing companies to motivate employees while supporting charitable causes. Join the ecosystem of connection, wellness, and philanthropy.

[London, June 1st] – Reaction, a platform that brings together team-building, employee engagement, wellbeing, and rewards in a single solution, reaffirms its commitment to supporting the nonprofit community. Introducing the “Steps for Charity” challenge, Reaction offers a unique opportunity for companies and employees to engage in a fun and healthy activity while supporting charitable causes. Participants earn points by achieving step goals, tracking progress, and supporting colleagues, which can be redeemed as donations to charities.

To ensure the success of the challenge, Reaction invites charities worldwide to apply as donation recipients, gaining access to a global network of participating companies and employees. This ecosystem empowers organizations to inspire their teams, foster camaraderie, and contribute to meaningful philanthropic endeavors.

“At Reaction, we believe in the power of connection, wellbeing, and social impact. Through our ‘Steps for Charity’ challenge, we aim to create a virtuous cycle where organizations motivate their employees to come together, stay active, and make a positive difference in the world” said Yonatan Malka, CEO of Reaction.

Interested organizations and charities can apply for the nonprofit program and learn more about the “Steps for Charity” challenge by contacting Reaction at hello@reaction-club.com

In addition to the steps for charities challenge, Reaction is offering a 15% discount to eligible nonprofits, empowering them to foster team cohesion and well-being within their organizations. 

Recognizing the invaluable contributions of nonprofits and their dedicated teams, Reaction aims to facilitate their mission by providing a cost-effective solution that enhances employee engagement and collaboration. By availing our discounted services, nonprofits can leverage Reaction’s suite of features to keep their teams connected, motivated, and energized, ultimately driving their organizational objectives forward.

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