Max Larocque

The secret ingredients to a successful Gym Workout

Many of us who suffer from gym anxiety are amplifying the anxiety by not having any sort of direction or guidance as to what they should be doing.The gym can be an intimidating place when you have no education within it, so having no structure can be very difficult to navigate for some who are newer to the gym. The session will show you how to create an effective plan for your gym workout! Max Larocque has been a personal trainer for 12 years. He co-own’s a gym in Alberta called F.R.E.E Fitness. Their company vision is to make personal training accessible to as many demographics as possible. From Max’s own experiences with mental health and addiction he has leaned heavily into the approach of healing from the inside out. People often change their external selves by losing weight/gaining muscle with no prevail because they forget about the most important part which is the inner work that needs to go along with the outer work.

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