Top 5 Office Step Challenge Apps

Step challenges have become popular for companies to foster team bonding and promote employee wellness. Here are the top five-step challenge apps available in the market.

Reaction Club is a team-building solution utilizing challenges, communities, and events to unite employees. It offers a motivating environment where employees earn points redeemable for gift cards. The app provides a free account with a step challenge and a paid version with advanced features. It has been recognized as the fastest-growing product in the industry in 2023, with a high retention rate (according to Similarweb). The app’s user-friendly interface and clear UX make it easy to use, while its customizable step challenge durations and team competitions enhance engagement.

Pricing: Free version available. The paid version starts at $69/month per team (including rewards). No setup fee.


  • Self-served platform with a clear and user-friendly interface.
  • Free option available for small teams.
  • Built-in rewards, such as gift cards, to increase engagement.
  • Multilingual support.


  • Inability to convert other activities to steps (e.g., swimming, walking).


A step challenges platform designed for companies, focusing on tracking various fitness activities using wearables. It offers gamification and user-friendly tracking features that facilitate team connections through challenges and groups. The platform also provides educational wellness content, including articles on various wellness topics. Administrators can send announcements, and there is a visual competition feature with journeys and maps.


  • Ability to sync with a wide range of wearables and devices.
  • Full of features and customizations, offering flexibility for various use cases.


  • No free version or trial is available, requiring a paid platform license.
  • No immediate start; a demo is required.
  • Higher pricing starts from a $2,000 platform license + $10 per user.
  • Requires proactive management.

Step challenge and employee wellness platform designed for teams. It enables the creation of challenges based on distance or customized virtual races and map-based challenges. The platform integrates with various wearables to track progress.


  • Customizable maps, allow for personalized challenges.
  • Multilingual support for a diverse user base.
  • One-time payment options are available.
  • GPS tracking options for accurate activity monitoring.


  • Not as socially interactive or engaging compared to other platforms.
  • UI is a bit complicated

Offers a basic solution for fitness challenges and apps with a simple user interface. It provides integration with various devices and allows manual entry of activities. The app also integrates with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. The integrated step tracker in the Android and iPhone app utilizes AI-powered algorithms to automatically track and sync daily steps, ensuring accuracy without draining battery life.


  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack for seamless communication.
  • Provides all the essential features needed to run a step challenge.
  • Offers a free version for up to 5 users.
  • Affordable pricing starts from $1 per user per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months.


  • The user interface and capabilities are relatively basic.
  • Lacks reward systems to motivate engagement.

Gojoe is a fitness platform designed for athletes and advanced users. It integrates GPS and fitness trackers to provide accurate activity tracking. The platform offers a wide range of activities to choose from, including walking, cycling, yoga, wheelchair activities, and pickleball. Pricing starts at $307 for a single challenge with up to 50 users.


  • A self-served trial option allows users to test the platform before committing.
  • GPS tracker ensures accurate tracking of activities.
  • Social features enhance the interactive experience.


  • The same app is used by both companies and individual users, which can be slightly confusing.
  • No free version


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on available data and may be subject to change. It is recommended to visit the respective app’s website for the latest and most accurate information regarding features

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