Hybrid and remote

Support FoW (Future of Work) through the lens of wellbeing

Measure employee participation and engagement with ease. Understand how the program contributes to your company’s culture and employees’ sense of belonging.

Corporate wellness reports

Measure engagement

Use wellness as a vehicle to connect teams

Wellness activities evoke positive emotions that present companies with opportunities to build communities within the organisation. Reaction uses a smart engagement mechanism that motivates employees to share their experiences, support colleagues and inspire others. Track your engagement data and improve as you grow. 

Build a hybrid culture

Improve your workforce engagement score

We analyse behavior on the platform to provide your business with valuable information to help you improve aspects of your company culture.

Internal relationships
Community involvement
Brand engagement
Wellness classed schedule and reports software

Participation Reports

The Reaction app helps you track participation in virtual and on-site events. You will be able to see which classes, dates and times are most popular.

Use the data to understand what is working and what can be improved. Evaluate ROI to support your program decision-making process. 

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