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We replace old-fashioned, pricey corporate wellness products that take a long time to implement with a new, self-service, and affordable approach

  1. Forget long sales cycles and pushy tactics. Try Reaction now for free and experience firsthand how easy and fun it is to use.
  2. Bringing wellness, engagement, celebrations, and rewards together. We make it easy to manage and measure, directly impacting your workplace culture with clear ROI.
  3. Tailored for Teams. We transform individual activities into team experiences, turning your program into a driver of engagement and connectivity in the workplace.

From steps to stress

Discover challenges and programs and implement them in just a few clicks. Reaction will enable you to keep things exciting for your team and maintain high engagement

Streamlined for your workplace

Whether it’s an office yoga class, International Women’s Day event, or virtual stress reduction workshop, utilize the calendar to centralize all your activities into a single hub. This makes it easy to invite, manage, and measure all the different parts of your program

Motivating rewards

motivate employees to build better habits and support colleagues with smart points & rewards system
App shows gift cards that can be given for points earned by doing wellness activities

Easy management

A single dashboard for all your virtual and onsite wellness offerings, making it easy to promote, manage, and measure

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