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  • Employees earn points for completing activities, sharing experiences, and supporting teammates
  • Points redeemable for cool rewards

Drive engagement

  • Employees earn points by reaching their step goal, improving their daily average, sharing their achievements, and supporting their teammates
  • Points redeemable for cool rewards
Find hundreds of exclusive team-building activities on our marketplace and instantly book memorable experiences for your team

Experts led events

  • We provide timely workshops on relevant topics, such as International Women’s Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so you don’t have to plan and coordinate them yourself
  • Schedule weekly coffee breaks, yoga classes, morning meditations, or any other wellness activity


Provide tangible incentives for employees to engage in positive workplace behavior, at no additional cost.

Our automated rewards system motivates employees to share goals, progress, and achievements and encourages support for one another’s progress.

Gamifications and rewards
Measure team building and engagement performance

Measure ROI

  • Manage all aspects of your wellness program in a single place
  • Create a challenge that lasts for a month, a week, or a custom duration of your choosing
  • Track individual and team progress through a simple and easy-to-use interface

Effortless Engagement

"Incredibly engaging and easy to use. The app makes it fun to track my steps and compete with my coworkers”
Shruti H
"I never thought our team would be so excited about wellbeing, but the app has made it so fun, we can't stop!”
Isabella m

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How Reaction is different?

Reaction stands out from other wellness solutions by focusing on ongoing motivation, rather than just providing wellness resources.

Our app groups employees together for mutual inspiration, motivation, and support. It helps employees build healthy habits that stick and fosters a stronger sense of belonging and community in the workplace.

We believe creating an employee wellness initiative should be easy and simple, that’s why our platform allows you to get started in just a few clicks, and customize as you go with simple and affordable pricing.

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