What Is In-Person Team Building?

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Learn about the importance of in-person team building activities for remote teams, including how they can increase morale, motivation, trust, and camaraderie among team members.

In-person team building activities are in place to bring workers together to create a bond and allow room for communication and teamwork.

These activities are not just designed for any worker but rather for those working online as they need the opportunity to connect with other team members which will lead to a healthy work relationship.

The engagement of workers can be improved following this exercise and their productivity can increase.

This article contains details of what In-Person team building entails. First, we will be analyzing it’s importance.

The Importance Of In-Person Team Building

  • Increase One’s Morale and Motivation: Working with the mindset that a fun activity awaits you helps boost one’s morale because now, you have something to look forward to. It gives room for workers to feel energized and appreciated.


  • Builds Trust and Camaraderie: Meeting with other team members outside of work helps bring togetherness thereby creating friendship and trust among members.


  • Solves Problems and Enhances Collaboration: Working together in these activities requires teamwork and that helps with creative thinking and interaction.


  • Encourages the Best: When a person is part of a group, they are encouraged to do their best to not be a setback for the team. They feel empowered to go on and not only that, to also pursue the shared goal of the team.

Characteristics Of In-Person Team Building

Here are some of the characteristics shared by In-Person Teamwork.

  • Each member of the team must have the ability to communicate effectively and actively with other members. Be as flexible as possible and also collaborate well.
  • Each member should also possess on their own a unique talent. This will help them navigate well and fit in without any delay or obstruction.
  • On the side of management, they should ensure that they aren’t just managers but rather leaders. They should be able to assemble the team, share the company’s vision, and work toward the goal
  • It should also possess a well-structured hierarchy. It helps with the decision-making process and in conflict-resolution processes
  • It should be fun. Professionalism shouldn’t be taken out of the picture but we can’t deny the fact that it is incomplete without the fun.
  • The presence of a solution-focused team must not be undermined. Finding the right solution must always top the chart board when problems arrive.

Technology As An Integral Part Of In-Person Team Building

Technology plays a lot of role in the functioning of the world. Part of what tech does can also be seen in its role in in-person team building.  With technology, the progress of the team can be tracked and calculated.

This is necessary during the activities taking place. With the advent of modern technologies, team-building activities have been easy to find and carried out. Also, it made it easy to achieve a desirable end.

Platforms like Yours offer these features. Technology has also made communication easier and this has aided the smooth running and fast dissemination of information which all contributed to improved engagement and strong teamwork.

How To Know If Your Team Needs In-Person Team Building

First, you need to check if your team is struggling with communication or collaboration. Is it hard to get people to voice their opinions out without fear of being criticized or are they still comfortably working individually?

Next, you may want to check if you have remote workers who lack an In-person connection

Also, do you want to boost your employee’s morale or lift their spirit and create engagement?

If either of the above applies to you, then you need to invest in in-person team building. However, do not forget that you also need to check if your workplace values the employee’s efforts and cares for their wellbeing.

Then you also have to consider the company’s budget when all these are in place, opting for in-person building is the next step ahead.

Evaluate your team building score and see if you need in-person team building activities using this quiz

Challenges Faced In Implementing In-Person Team Building

Having explained the advantages that come with investing in teamwork, we will also look at some challenges that may arise as a result. Some challenges one may encounter while implementing team building include:

• Reluctant to Participate

As fun and engaging as it may seem, employees might show signs of reluctance because of various reasons. They might see the activities as a distraction or something causing delay.

• Difficulty Finding the Right Activity

It may seem as though it isn’t a big task but finding the right activities that sit well with the team and pinpointing the challenges at work is essential to healthy team building.

• Inability to Follow Through to the End

Just setting up the activity isn’t all there is to it. You need to ensure that you follow up with your employees and ask about their likes and dislikes.

• Time Constraint

Finding the right time to integrate the activity into your busy schedule is challenging. Organizations may find it unappealing to fix time for a team-building activity without affecting the major workload.


In-person team building is a valuable investment a company makes to ensure team success and the overall growth of the company. By venturing into activities of such, one can leverage available technology and create an experience that lasts in the minds of the employees.

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