How to Ensure Your Workplace Step Challenge App Benefits Everyone

workplace step challenge

Having trouble developing a workplace step challenge that will benefit everyone in your office? That’s understandable since different employees have different wellness goals and motivations. 

Here’s how to make sure your challenge benefits everyone in your office: 

1. Easy to use

The on-demand wellness software or platform you select should be both easy to launch and easy for employees to join. Not everyone has a wearable device, but everyone has a smartphone they carry with them everywhere. That’s why a corporate step challenge app is a great choice for your workplace. It ensures maximum engagement since it’s easily accessible for most employees.

2. Personalized

A step counting app shouldn’t just count steps. It has to also challenge participants based on their personal habits. 

Let’s take a simple example. If the app counts steps the same way for everyone then the runners in your company will easily win the challenge. That’s demotivating for the non-runners, and boring for the runners. The right challenge will activate those who are active regardless instead of only motivating the employees who need it the most.

Sadly, this level of personalisation isn’t available today for most apps.

At Reaction, we created a point measurement system based on personal progress so that everyone can feel that they have an equal chance of achieving success. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Daily step goal. Each employee will get a personalized daily step goal based on their last 7-day average number of steps. (e.g, a runner has to walk farther to reach their daily goal while a beginner is challenged based on their current activity level).
  • Point rewards. Participants who reach their daily goals receive a point.

3. Motivating to all employees

The right company step challenge drives positive employee engagement, improves the sense of belonging at the company, and helps people develop personal relationships. But in order to achieve all of these benefits, you’ll need to motivate employees to actively participate in the step challenge.

With Reaction, employees earn points for completing their daily step goal. They can then share their experience on the app feed which motivates and supports other employees. The points can later be redeemed for personalised services and rewards.


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