5 Tips for Making Your Workplace Step Challenge a Huge Success

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Customize your app

  • Your company name & logo
  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone devices
  • No need for any wearable devices

Invite members

  • Steps are automatically recorded through either the phone (compatible with both Android and iPhone devices) or a wearable device.
  • The app generates a daily step goal for each participant based on their activity level and encourages them to share their progress and achievements with the team
  • The app announces the weekly top performers, those who have made the most progress, and generates a personal summary for each participant every Monday

Drive engagement

  • Create a competition between teams
  • Members earn points by reaching their daily goals, sharing their achievements, and supporting their teammates
  • Points redeemable for cool rewards


Provide tangible incentives for employees to engage in positive workplace behavior, at no additional cost.

Manage with ease

  • Create a challenge that lasts for a month, a week, or a custom duration of your choosing
  • Track individual and team progress through a simple and easy-to-use interface
Measure team building and engagement performance

Effortless Engagement

"Incredibly engaging and easy to use. The app makes it fun to track my steps and compete with my coworkers”
Shruti H
"I never thought our team would be so excited about wellbeing, but the app has made it so fun, we can't stop!”
Isabella m

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. The Reaction app is fully compatible with both Android and iPhone (iOS) devices. Upon logging into the app, participants can easily link their Google Fit or Apple Health account, allowing for automatic step tracking.

Reaction can be synced with any wearable device that is connected to either Google Fit or Apple Health. In certain instances, certain wearables may need to be connected through an app to either Google Fit or Apple Health, but once linked, the device will automatically sync with Reaction.

Yes. Our premium plan allows for both individual and team-based competitions. As teams are established within the system, members will have the option to select a team and their steps will be counted towards the team’s overall progress.

Zero. We’ve made it incredibly easy to get started, with no setup required on your end. Simply invite members to join on the designated start date and once they accept, they will automatically become a part of the challenge.

The wellness programs allow your team to take on more than just step challenges. We offer six programs that focus on different aspects of health and wellness, such as nutrition, physical fitness, and mental health. Participants can participate in the step challenge and also choose from a selection of these additional programs. Events are designed for team building and can include virtual walking breaks or stretching sessions where your team can participate together via video call. Reaction also provides live workshops and classes led by experts in the industry to help engage your team and enhance their overall well-being.

Yes. Our data is fully committed and aligned to the GDPR requirements. You can enable two-factor authentication with work email verification or employee ID number to further secure your team’s environment. We take your team’s privacy seriously and follow the latest guidelines for information security. Participants can delete their account and data directly from the app at anytime. For more information, please check out our privacy policy 

No. Rewards are part of our subscription fee. Once you sign up, your team’s rewards will become available without incurring any extra expenses. Rewards have been found to significantly increase engagement in challenges, and you can also choose to allocate additional resources to rewards if you wish to offer your participants more opportunities to earn them.

Yes. A fully branded solution is available for an additional fee. For more information, please contact us at hello@reaction-club.com.

Yes. If participants have an issue with the service or need support, they can reach directly to the customer support team from the app’s menu.

Unlike many step challenge apps that only track steps and focus on individual competition, the Reaction app uses step tracking as a tool to foster communication and build stronger teams. The app encourages participants to share their progress with others and rewards them for supporting their colleagues, promoting teamwork and a sense of community among users.

This makes the step challenge a collaborative experience that teams can do together, rather than just a competition between members.

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