Online and on-site vendors management

An easy way to find, book and manage corporate wellness service providers

Manage wellness vendors

Find vendors or connect the ones you love

Tech & touch workplace wellness

Looking to create a step challenge? offer employees pre-recorded meditation courses? or find a mental health service provider to lead an onsite workshop. You can do it all with Reaction. Through our marketplace, you can find wellness experts and integrate them to your Reaction app with ease.


One app tab for all your company events. When you connect a vendor they can post their activity to your app, so employees can immediately get notified and register.


Employees have a question? they can ask the vendor directly from the app. You won’t need to create a Zoom link or attendance report because the app does it all for you.


All the live sessions are recorded to the app and available to employees. Employees can rate their experience anonymously, so you'll know what they feel about the activity.

Hassle Free

Once a session has been chosen, your Head Coach will liaise with the vendor to onboard them and ensure that each session runs smoothly. If the vendor has any questions, your Head Coach will be their point of contact, leaving you free to continue your own work.

Simple and clear pricing

The vendors outline their pricing on the Reaction platform. Reaction charges 7.5% from the vendor and 7.5% to the Company. No hidden fees, no small print.

Easy Payments

Reaction takes care of the legal side, protecting your employees’ data and payments. At the end of each month, you’ll receive one invoice with all the services you selected. We will do the rest.


We do the screening and make sure the vendors have the required qualifications and insurance.

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