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Reaction better together
Connect & energise your global workforce

This program is a template that will be filled by your team’s content, creating your most engaging program to date. In this challenge the company will be split into teams (for example by locations, departments, offices etc.)

Each member will receive 2-3 daily tasks to complete. Tasks will be mixed with videos and questions created by other team members, driving response and social interactions.  

Daily tasks example

  • CEO opening task – post a picture at home work station
  • Walk 5,000 steps or more today
  • Today’s Quiz: in which year was our company founded and who was the founder
  • 5 mins morning meditation
  • Invite a teammate for a virtual coffee break
  • Walk 5,000 steps
  • Take a picture of your healthy breakfast 
  • Take 30mins break from screens
  • Complete 50 squats

Tasks are created by the team

Use our guide and scripts to make members take part in creating the challenge. Invite leaders and employees to record a short video, asking other teammates to do something (i.e, plank, drink water, answer company-related questions).

When completing the task, members are encouraged to respond with pictures or text to one company feed. As a result, conversations are created, social interactions are formed, and teams become connected and energized.

better together challenge by ceo

Increased brand awareness and belonging

You can add company stickers and let members use them when they share their experiences with the team (via the group chat) or with the entire company (via the company feed)

No need for other apps or measurement tools

This program include built-in mechanism to measure and complete tasks

Workplace meditation


Workplace step competition global

Steps counting

Workout video

General tasks

Let us help you get started

Not sure how to use this program? Just scroll down and contact us. We’re happy to help!

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