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Reaction's science-backed algorithm can assist you in staying motivated to enhance your well-being through social awareness and rewards

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s often challenging to maintain healthy habits and stay motivated. Reaction’s science-backed algorithm is designed to help you improve your wellbeing through the power of social awareness, gamification, and rewards.

The Three Pillars of Reaction's Algorithm

1. Social Awareness

One of the fundamental aspects of Reaction’s algorithm is social awareness. It’s a well-established fact that knowing others can see your progress significantly boosts motivation. Reaction leverages this psychological principle by allowing users to share their achievements, track their friends’ progress, and create a supportive network of like-minded individuals. When your colleagues and friends are earning rewards for supporting you, you’ll receive reminders and encouragement to stay accountable to your goals.

2. Gamification

The second key pillar is gamification. This isn’t just about turning your wellbeing journey into a game; it’s about making your daily goals and notifications personalized and engaging. The Reaction app analyzes your activity level and tailors your daily goals to your specific capabilities. If it senses that you might be veering off track, it adjusts your goals and sends reminders to keep you on course. This personalized approach ensures that you’re continually motivated, making every day a step toward your wellbeing objectives.

3. Rewards

Rewards are the icing on the cake. While we can’t reveal the entire algorithm behind the points system (to maintain its effectiveness and prevent misuse), we can share some of the core principles. 

How to earn points

You can earn points for achieving your daily step goal, sharing your achievements on the platform, liking others’ posts, commenting on others’ progress, excelling in challenges, re-engaging inactive users, and various other social interactions. The points required to redeem rewards depend on the budget allocated by your company or organization, but even without an additional budget, our subscription includes some rewards that you can access. It’s a win-win – you stay motivated, and you get rewarded for your progress.

Real Results Speak Volumes

Our algorithm is producing tangible results. On average, Reaction app users increase their daily step count by a remarkable 18% within six months of using the app. This increase isn’t just a statistic; it’s a reflection of habit change. The key driver behind this transformation is the app’s ability to motivate behavior change through its unique combination of social awareness, gamification, and rewards.

Personalization Through AI

While our algorithm is already highly effective, we’re not stopping there. We’re currently developing an AI model that will learn how to motivate you personally, based on what works best for you. Imagine an app that adapts to your unique preferences and triggers, making your well-being journey even more tailored and effective.

Your Journey to Wellbeing Starts Here

With over 78% of users experiencing significant improvements in their activity levels, Reaction is your partner in making those new habits stick. Focus on earning more points for rewards by reaching your goals and motivating your colleagues. Watch as the power of social awareness, gamification, and rewards transforms your wellbeing journey.

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