Partnership Announcement: Reaction x Multiplier

Partnership Announcement: Reaction x Multiplier
Reaction is excited to announce a new partnership with Multiplier, a pioneering expert in making Global Employment easy and risk-free

[London, UK] Reaction is excited to announce a new partnership with Multiplier, a pioneering expert in making Global Employment easy and risk-free. This collaboration aims to enhance customers’ ability to hire and retain a global workforce. Through the Multiplier platform, companies can now access Reaction’s engagement and wellbeing tools, thereby increasing job satisfaction and providing a better employee experience, regardless of their employees’ locations.

About Multiplier: Streamlining Global Employment

Multiplier is renowned for its revolutionary approach in making Global employment easy. Their groundbreaking software empowers companies to effortlessly employ talent worldwide, eliminating the complexities of establishing separate business entities and bank accounts. This ensures that businesses can focus on what they do best without being hindered by administrative barriers.

Scindia Balsingh - Multiplier Global Partner Marketing Director

“Our partnership with Reaction offers more than just a solution; it introduces a transformative approach. By seamlessly combining Reaction’s expertise in team unity and positive workplace change with Multiplier’s streamlined onboarding and comprehensive management, we present an unparalleled value. This partnership enables companies to effortlessly integrate and nurture talent on a global scale, ensuring swift, effective, and compliant operations. Together, we’re redefining how companies thrive in today’s interconnected world” – Scindia Balsingh – Global Partner Marketing Director

About Reaction: Boosting Workforce Engagement and Bonding

Reaction’s platform provides team leaders with an easy way to create team-building activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing. Through an easy-to-use app, employees earn points, redeemable for gift cards and donations, for participating in activities and supporting colleagues’ progress. Reaction’s activities are designed to unite teams, no matter where they are located. From step challenges to events and communities, each activity is designed to promote team bonding and holistic employee wellbeing. 

“Hiring an employee in another country, without connecting them to their colleagues and employer is like asking them to work without an internet connection”, says Yonatan Malka, Reaction’s CEO. “Sense of belonging is a basic human need, and creating it with a globally distributed workforce is a big challenge that Reaction is helping to solve. Together with Multiplier, we can help companies seamlessly hire, engage, and connect employees wherever they are”

About the Partnership

Through this partnership, Multiplier customers will gain exclusive access to Reaction’s platform of team-building activities directly from the Multiplier platform. Not only will this connect their global workforce on a deeper level, but it will also pave the way for improved engagement, retention, and overall job satisfaction. Multiplier customers will have access to an extended free version of Reaction’s platform, with a free workplace step challenge activity, and discounted premium subscriptions, opening the door to a world of workforce engagement-boosting possibilities.

Reaction customers will gain exclusive access to Multiplier’s seamless global employment solution. Now, businesses can centralize their management of global hires, streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency. With Multiplier, Reaction customers can address the logistical challenges of employing a global team, allowing them to concentrate on cultivating engagement and team spirit.

This exciting partnership marks the beginning of a new era in global workforce management and employee engagement. By bringing together the expertise of Reaction and Multiplier, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, teamwork, and satisfaction among their global teams.

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