Create a Workplace Challenge with Reaction

Easily create and customize a step or wellness/fitness challenge for your team with Reaction. View progress on your admin dashboard and motivate employee participation with points and rewards.

Use your Reaction Club app to quickly set up a step or wellness/fitness challenge.

For a step challenge, employees will compete for the highest daily average steps, and for a wellness/fitness challenge, they will compete for the highest number of points in a certain timeframe. They would earn points for completing activities in their personal habit-building plan and motivating others.

You can view the points or steps data on your admin dashboard and customize the time segment as needed.

The app automatically runs a weekly step challenge from Monday to Sunday and generates a summary of the winners and those who have made the most progress (which is posted to the feed). You don’t have to do anything other than invite members to join the challenge.

Free Launch Support

If you need assistance launching your challenge, our team is available to help at no cost. Specify your needs and we’ll handle the technical aspects for you.

Get Your Team Excited with Our Short Video

To help get people excited, we’ve created a short video that you can share internally with the invitation link. Click here to download the HD or light version (for Slack/WhatsApp). 

When you subscribe to one of our premium plans, you’ll receive a full launch kit with emails, posters, digital files, and other marketing assets to help you effectively communicate the challenge.

Effortlessly Launch a Challenge

Your app is ready to use and you don’t need to set anything up to start a challenge. Simply invite participants.

For a step challenge, participants will need to connect their Google Health or Apple Health Kit to track their steps. For fitness and wellness challenges, the app has ready-to-use programs that employees can choose from while building their personal habit-building plan.

As they progress in the challenge, employees will earn points for their progress and for supporting others.ou effectively communicate the challenge.

Book a demo

Click here to schedule a call with us to discuss your challenge or any customization requests. We’ll be happy to help!

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