Create a Workplace Challenge with Reaction

Easily create and customize a step or wellness/fitness challenge for your team with Reaction. View progress on your admin dashboard and motivate employee participation with points and rewards.

With Reaction, starting a challenge is a breeze! All you need do is invite your team to the app, and voila! You can personalize the challenge duration and create teams for some friendly competition (if you have the premium version), or just stick with the automated challenge for free. It’s that easy!

How it works

Members will compete to see who can get the best daily average steps for a week. The system will announce the winners at the end of the week, and each winner gets 10 points!

But the fun doesn’t stop there – as soon as one challenge ends, a new one automatically begins to keep the team’s engagement high and allow new members to join in on the fun. Plus, starting from the second week, the system will even reward the top improvers every week with 20 points each.

Challenge between teams

With our premium version, you can create an engaging team competition. Think different offices, locations, or departments battling it out for the best daily average steps. This feature allows for fun competition between teams, no matter their size. Even a small team can take on a big one in a fair and enjoyable way.

Upgrade here to use the teams’ competition feature

Connect wearable devices with the Reaction Club app

Participants can sync their steps from any wearable that is compatible with Apple Health or Google Fit. Click here to learn more.

Edit your step challenge

To edit your challenge duration and setup, visit the admin dashboard and click on ‘Edit step challenge’ (circled in red below) and follow the instructions.

Wellness/Fitness challenge

Our wellness or fitness challenge is all about earning the most points! Members can easily log any healthy activity they do directly from the home screen and earn points for it. But that's not all! Members also get points for sharing their experiences, motivating others, and supporting their colleagues in the feed. This creates a sense of community and togetherness, promoting a fun and engaging challenge for all.

Get your team excited with our short video

To help get people excited, we’ve created a short video that you can share internally with the invitation link. Click here to download the HD or light version (for Slack/WhatsApp). 

As you subscribe to one of our premium plans, you’ll receive a full launch kit with emails, posters, digital files, and other marketing assets to help you effectively communicate the challenge.

Free onboarding support

If you need assistance launching your challenge, our team is available to help at no cost. Specify your needs and we’ll handle the technical aspects for you.

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