Improve Retention, Communication, and Trust with Employee Rewards

Improve Retention, Communication, and Trust with Employee Rewards
Improve retention, communication, and trust in your workplace by rewarding employees with Reaction. Our app makes it easy to recognize and appreciate your team's efforts.

Rewarding employees is a great way to improve retention, communication, and trust in the workplace. Research has shown that employees who feel valued and recognized for their contributions are more likely to stay with a company and be more engaged in their work.

Rewarding employees can also help improve communication by demonstrating appreciation and recognition for the work they do. This can foster a sense of trust and build stronger relationships within the team.

With Reaction, it’s easy to reward employees for their progress in building personal habits and for supporting their teammates. By rewarding employees for these activities, you can help create a positive culture and build a more cohesive and productive team.

Here's how to activate rewards

Activate rewards for your employees by topping up your budget on the Reaction platform. When you subscribe to one of our premium plans, you’ll receive an initial budget to get started. You can also top up your budget on a free plan.

The budget is returned to employees in full, so if you top up $20, your employees can collect rewards worth $20.

We’ll set up rewards for you in the form of gift cards from top brands, based on the locations you selected when creating your Reaction account. You can request rewards in additional countries, and this list can be updated at any time. 

Delivery methods

The budget does not expire, and you can choose between two delivery methods: high engagement (rewards require less points and drive high engagement right away) or moderate budget (rewards require more points and allow you to spread your budget over a longer period of time)

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