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We're thrilled to unveil the newest release from Reaction, designed to revolutionize employee engagement and team connectivity like never before

Every team leader who’s caught up in a whirlwind of responsibilities understands the time drain that comes with devising team-building activities and events. Recognizing the profound impact of human connection on team performance, we’re all well aware of its significance. However, for team leaders, the challenge lies in the constant demand for fresh ideas and the creation of engaging activities.

Research from the Society for Human Resource Management underscores this dilemma, revealing that 52% of employees experience a dearth of connection with both their peers and employer. A telling statistic follows: Employees who lack a sense of belonging are 50% more inclined to depart from their current roles (as reported by the University of Michigan and Harvard Business Review). Notably, social ties in the workplace correlate with a 20% surge in productivity, according to findings from the University of Oxford. Further evidence from a LinkedIn study demonstrates that organizations fostering robust cultures of unity enjoy a striking 30% reduction in turnover rates.

In response to feedback from team leaders, we distilled their needs into three key requests:

  1. Options: They wanted plenty of different activities to pick from for team building.

  2. Easy to Start: Setting up an activity should be quick—taking just a few minutes—and not need much ongoing management.

  3. Activities That Matter: They looked for things that meant something to employees, with lasting benefits, not just short virtual events like Zoom parties.

Taking these insights to heart, we launched our first activity that perfectly matched these requirements: the “Social Step Challenge.” Starting it takes just 5 minutes (just set a start date and duration, and invite your team). It’s easy to manage afterward, and employees quickly see the health benefits for themselves. The immense success of this challenge not only proved its worth but also shaped a fundamental feature of our platform—a place where team leaders can discover a variety of team-building activities.

magine it like a dedicated app store crafted exclusively for team-building ventures. Each “app” takes a commonplace activity, like step counting, and turns it into a shared journey. Participants receive personal daily goals based on their recent actions, while an interactive leaderboard fosters healthy competition and companionship. This blueprint has empowered us to birth an array of challenges: step challenges, squat challenges, sports predictions, cycling clubs, and a plethora of other imaginative exploits. Our approach’s boundless nature ensures endless possibilities.

But, we’re all about working together to come up with new ideas. We’ve invited smart new startups to join us and bring their creative activities on board easily. With Reaction, these startups get access to a lot of team leaders, creating an exciting teamwork dynamic. Our first partner – FittyAI a tech company specializing in computer vision, has introduced the “Smart Squat Challenge.” This challenge adds a playful touch to team bonding and enhances well-being collectively.

We want to say a big thanks to our customers for their helpful feedback. They play a really important part in making our solution better. It makes us really happy to see more and more team leaders using our product. Our main goal is to bring employees together and make them feel like a strong team, which is something special.

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