Employee engagement using wellbeing communities

A program designed to forge long-lasting bonds around shared interests for friendship, mentorship and support.

Workplace wellbeing communities

Elevate your company social experience to be supportive and inclusive – for everything at work, that’s not work.  

Here's how it works

Making an employee community work is not just about creating another slack channel or a WhatsApp group. It’s about giving individuals the motivation and context to connect with others.

There are core components that makes the community on the Reaction Club app thrive:

What is the community about? It should be something specific such as vegan cooking, breaks in nature, family time ideas, etc. You should avoid creating general or company-related communities (such as “{company name} community”, “just fun” etc.)

The community members should go through some kind of transformation by being part of the group. There should be a clear personal value that will make someone’s time worth being spent in the community. It could be by receiving or sharing values with others. For example: share a weekly recipe program, daily nature breaks tips, 30 days to become a coffee expert.

This could be an internal or external individual(s) with a passion for the shared interest. The leader will make sure the community is alive and support member’s progress.

We know why communities are great for the workplace. They improve team bonding and connectivity between team members (and so much more), but we need to motivate employees to take part in them for the long term they need to see the clear value behind them. One way to attract and engage employees is to reward them for being active. It shouldn’t be something big. Small rewards are great as well – they make employees feel appreciated. 

Each community on the Reaction Club app contains the above component.

Getting started

To let Reaction build your workplace communities effectively we would need to know: 

  1. What are the shared interest(s) you would like to promote
  2. Is there a shared journey or would you like Reaction to provide one?
  3. Do you have a community leader(2) or should Reaction find an external expert?
  4. Do you want to set a budget for rewards on the app? and if so, what is the budget?


Get started with communities 

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