Reduce stress at work with a free guided stretch & meditation session

free guided stretch and meditate session

Stress negatively impacts both employees and businesses, with decreased productivity, higher absenteeism, and increased health problems. Stress leads to higher absenteeism rates and health problems, with around 60% of all employee absences due to stress-related illnesses. In addition, stress is a leading cause of high turnover rates, with around 40% of employees leaving their jobs due to high-stress levels

To help your team acquire skills to reduce stress, the Reaction team is offering the premium subscribers a free guided session (recorded) that can be played in the app. You will only need to schedule an event on the Reaction app, at a time that works best for your team, and as the event starts, you can play a guided session that is by one of our wellness experts.

Take advantage of this opportunity to bond with your team and unwind during a guided session. To learn more, email lara@reaction-club.com. Note that this offer is exclusively for premium subscribers.

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