3 Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate International Yoga Day 2023 in the Workplace

3 Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate International Yoga Day 2023 in the Workplace
Celebrate International Yoga Day in the workplace with these three fun and creative options. From virtual yoga classes and yoga communities to a yoga day challenge, find out how to promote wellness and fitness among your employees with the Reaction Club app. Unwind with Yoga this June 21st!

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21st and is a great opportunity for companies to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

There are many ways to celebrate International Yoga Day with your employees, and we have put together three options that can be easily managed using the Reaction Club app.

Virtual Yoga Class – invite your team to join a live Chair Yoga class for beginners with a master trainer on June 21st at 3 pm GMT / 9 am PST and 11 am EST. The session will be 30 minutes long and will suit all levels of experience. It will equip employees with skills they can use as part of their daily work-break routine.

Employees do not need any equipment, and this can be performed at their workstations. Teams using Reaction premium subscribers can find this in the app Events tab, and companies that aren’t using Reaction yet can create an account here

Yoga Community – in this community, employees can access a 30-day yoga for beginners course and share their progress and achievements with their colleagues through a group chat. Creating a Yoga community for your employees can help them stay motivated, share their experiences, and build a sense of community within the workplace.

To create a Yoga community with the Reaction Club app, simply ask people to click on “add a program,” then select “stretch easier.” The app will automatically offer participants a yoga course and create a group chat for the community.

Yoga Day Challenge – in this challenge, employees are asked to post a picture of themselves doing a yoga pose, either alone or with a partner or family member. Other employees will then vote for the picture they like the most, and the three most creative pictures will receive rewards. The Yoga Day Challenge is a great way to boost company culture and morale while promoting wellness in the workplace.

This challenge can be easily managed on the Reaction Club app, and premium subscribers can ask their account manager to set it up for them.

Celebrating International Yoga Day with your employees is a great way to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. So, let’s come together as a community and celebrate International Yoga Day with these fun and creative options.

If you don’t have a Reaction Club app yet, you can easily create one here.

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