How to use Android’s built in step counter

A person measure steps through android device

Most Android phones come equipped with a built-in step counter, often pre-installed as part of the Google Fit app. This nifty feature silently tracks your steps throughout the day, providing valuable insights into your daily activity levels. To access your step count, simply open the Google Fit app and tap on the “Steps” tile.

Benefits of Using Android’s Built-in Step Counter:

  • Convenience: No need for additional hardware or app downloads.

  • Accuracy: Leverages the phone’s accelerometer to accurately track steps.

  • Battery-efficient: Operates without significantly draining your battery.

  • Integrated with Google Fit: Seamlessly integrates with Google Fit for a holistic view of your fitness data.

Group step challenge

While Android’s built-in step counter is a great starting point, if you’re seeking a more interactive and engaging experience that would keep you motivated, consider exploring dedicated step challenge apps for groups such as Reaction Club that offer a free version for up to 30 people. Step challenge apps offer: 

  • Social engagement: Connect with friends and family to compete for step count supremacy.

  • Personalized goals: Set daily, weekly, or monthly step goals to stay motivated.

  • Detailed data tracking: Access detailed breakdowns of your step count, including distance covered and calories burned.

  • Gamification elements: Earn rewards for achieving step goals, adding a fun element to your fitness journey.

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