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Top 5 Office Step Challenge Apps

Step challenges have become popular for companies to foster team bonding and promote employee wellness. Here are the top five-step challenge apps available in the market.

Platform setup

Create Private Groups

Private groups offer an added feature that allows you to track the progress of selected colleagues, providing a supportive environment to motivate and support each other throughout your step challenge


Reaction Announces the “Steps for Charity” Ecosystem

Reaction Club introduces the “Steps for Charity” challenge, allowing companies to motivate employees while supporting charitable causes. Join the ecosystem of connection, wellness, and philanthropy.

How to Use Challenge Analytics to Track Your Team's Progress

How to Use Challenge Analytics to Track Your Team’s Progress

Challenge analytics is a powerful tool that can help you track your team’s progress, view previous challenges history, and understand your engagement better. Learn how to use challenge analytics to improve your team’s engagement, performance, and motivation.

2023 Workplace Wellbeing: Key Dates & Campaigns

Workplace Wellbeing Activities for 2023

Boost your workplace wellbeing in 2023 with our guide to key national days and health awareness campaigns. Plan ahead with our monthly breakdown of events and activities.


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