Workplace score prediction game

Euro 2024 Football Prediction Challenge

Build team spirit with a Euro 2024 prediction game! Compete with colleagues and share your football insights.

How it works

Daily Predictions: Each day, team members receive a set of score predictions to make.

Point System: Predictions earn points as follows:

  • Exact outcome: 3 points
  • Correct trend (at least of of the scores was correct.): 1-2 points
  • Incorrect prediction: 0 points

Results & Team Engagement: After each match:

  • The system automatically calculates scores.
  • Team members can view each other’s predictions.
  • Encourage discussions, knowledge sharing, and friendly competition.

Euro 2024 - Germany

Jun 14, 2024 – Jul 14, 2024 (finals)

Challenge mode

Solo and teams

  • Solo Competition: Team members compete individually for points and personal achievements.
  • Team Collaboration: Team members make predictions individually, but their points combine for a total team score.

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