7 Day Meditation For Beginners


This ready-to-use program will enable you create a meditation or mindfulness group with pre-recorded meditations for beginners. Plug the program to a group and invite members to join and start their personal meditation journey. 

Workplace meditation

Feel like a meditation app

There is no need to download another app. When you plug the 7-day meditation programs into the Reaction system, the member’s app will function as a meditation app.

The course is created by the global meditation expert Sheerly Dove and include 7 lessons:

  • Day 1:Intro to meditation 
  • Day 2: Body scanning 
  • Day 3: Mantra meditation 
  • Day 4: Metta meditation 
  • Day 5: Advanced body scanning 
  • Day 6: Chakra tuning 
  • Day 7: Free Flow


Let us help you get started

Not sure how to use this meditation program? Scroll down and contact us. We’re happy to help! 

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