Points and prizes terms

Receive points redeemable for prizes for being active in your program and for motivating other members.

Points & Rewards Terms

The purpose of the points & rewards system is to help you stay motivated and enjoy your progress. Please play fair and respect the rules of our community. Reaction reserve the right to remove users who acquire points for rewards in an unfair matter and send a report to the employer.

How can I get points?

When you complete tasks in your program you earn one points. Currently we limit task-related points to 5 per day.

This points are given only if you sign app though the app to an event and show up. For onsite activities you coach will need to mark you as “attended” to gain the points. For livestream activities you only need to join the session and be there for more than 40% of the session duration

You will earn more points when you support and motivate other members by sharing your activity achievements to the feed, liking posts of others on the feed, posting a comment to someone’s post on the feed, and creating conversations on the group chat. The way points are calculated changed based on your activity.

When you invite other teammates to join the club you and them will receive 3 points after they have joined. This is relevant only for new members who have not used the Reaction Club app before and for members that were invited using the ‘invite a friend’ feature on the app’s menu

Collecting rewards

You can only collect one (1) reward per month. Rewards are limited in quantity and work on a first-come-first-serve basis. Some rewards can not be redeemed in some countries. If a reward you collected can not be redeemed in your country, you will receive an alternative reward for the same value. When collecting a prize we check the way points were earned, points that were earned unfairly will not be counted and can not be used. Please note that rewards can be collected only with points earned in the same club. Points can not be transferred between clubs 

Can I ask a question regarding rewards?

Sure, feel free to reach out to us hello@reaction-club.com

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