Health & Wellness Team Building Activities

coworkers in a wellness related team building activity
Is your workplace truly prioritizing the well-being of your team? Uncover how traditional team-building activities often overlook mental health and discover strategies to create a workspace where both productivity and employee well-being thrive.

Employees must have healthy working habits while engaging in tasks, particularly in cases where teamwork is required. The essence of this is that it makes the workspace mentally safe and increases the bond and efficiency among workers in the industry. It is however important that the issue of a healthy working habit is not overlooked or undermined.

What is Health And Wellness Team Building Activities

Health and wellness team-building activities are designed to promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of employees while fostering stronger connections and collaboration within teams. They typically involve group exercises, games, or workshops that focus on various aspects of wellness.

Importance of Workplace Wellness

As earlier mentioned, having an environment where your workers, employees, or colleagues have a feeling of being mentally safe and not cautious, is a great factor in ensuring growth. Also, sharing of ideas and creativity helps build an inclusive work environment.

On the other hand, in a case where health and well-being are not put into good consideration in any industry, the environment will be a threat to the worker’s health. And to avoid such, every employer or management should learn to prioritize the well-being of their workers.

What Traditional Team Builders Ignore

While it is evident that the traditional way of team building prioritizes the values of cooperation and unity in every given community, however, this is not to share them, because these are necessary elements in every team, the most important is that the mental health and well-being of this force is well maintained. Or else, such an organization will not be well established in the long run.

What is corporate wellness and how is it related to team building

Corporate wellness is a broad term that encompasses a variety of initiatives and programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of employees. It recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional health, and the impact these factors have on workplace productivity, engagement, and overall success.

Corporate wellness programs can take many forms, each with a unique focus and approach. Some common Corporate Wellness Program Types include:

  • Physical Wellness Programs: These programs focus on promoting physical activity, healthy eating habits, and overall fitness. They may include gym memberships, fitness challenges, nutrition workshops, and health screenings.
  • Mental Health Programs: These programs address mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, and depression. They may offer counseling services, stress management workshops, mindfulness training, and resources for seeking professional help.
  • Financial Wellness Programs: These programs help employees manage their finances effectively, reduce stress related to money, and plan for the future. They may offer financial education workshops, budgeting tools, debt management resources, and retirement planning assistance.
  • Social Wellness Programs: These programs focus on fostering social connections and building strong relationships among employees. They may organize social events, team-building activities, volunteer opportunities, and employee resource groups

The Essence of Wellness in Team Building

Below are 3 basic benefits of why employees’ wellness should be put into consideration during the process of team building.

Stress reduction and Improvement in Focus:

Notably, extra curriculum activities as regards one’s health like stretching exercises, and special exercises that help with thinking like yoga, are an incentive in helping employees think better with a relaxed mind and an improved focus on the job.

Increased Morale and Engagement:

As earlier stated, when employees feel their well-being is being cared for, it will be well predicted that they will have a sense of belonging and attachment to the industry. This helps to breed inclusiveness in the employee environment and as well, aids in the preservation of valuable skills in the industry.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration:

A safe workspace helps to enhance good communication among workers and more importantly encourages teamwork. This is because more often than not, when there is a healthy working environment, employees tend to communicate and bond more.

Connecting Wellness to Team Performance

Undoubtedly, a healthy team produces a happy team which eventually leads to an increase in their proficiency. This is because the stability of their mind and health has helped them to think better, to effectively collaborate, and has led to better and faster achievements of goals and visions.

The aspect of well-being and mental health should not be taken in jeopardy. This is mainly because an effective and efficient team is a major stronghold in every successful industry. So therefore, in the process of striving to make a profit, do not leave out the employee’s wellness.

Addressing Remote/Hybrid Team Wellness Needs

We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that there is a major increase in hybrid and remote work models. For organizations that partially or entirely rely on the hybrid workforce, this however means that it is necessary to include virtual healthy activities.

These activities include the use of fitness and meditation apps that help to ensure each worker has his or her way of contributing a measure of safety to the workspace, with the idea that they are beneficiaries as well.

Objectives on Health & Wellness Team Building Activities

In some cases, companies and organizations find it difficult to incorporate wellness programs into their curriculum and this has affected their workforce negatively.

In this session, the focus is on incorporating and engaging in a series of fitness activities that help boost team spirits and as well, cultivate health habits.

Example of Health and Wellness Team Building Activities

Office step challenge is definitely the ultimate health & wellness team-building activity. It’s easy to participate and using an office step challenge app it’s easy to spark conversations and bond your team.

Imagine friendly competition fueling motivation, shared goals creating a sense of unity, and the app becoming a platform for support, encouragement, and even a little lighthearted banter. The office step challenge isn’t just about individual achievements, it’s about collectively striving for a healthier, happier, and more connected workplace.

Science proves that better breathing helps employees stay calm, focused, and resilient. Creating a workplace breathing club motivates employees to take regular breathing breaks and build long-lasting healthy habits. While breathing seems like an obvious activity, many of us don’t breathe correctly, especially in stressful situations. Learning breathing techniques can help establish good habits and better manage stress and anxiety.

A simple yet surprisingly effective way to strengthen your team’s core – both literally and figuratively. It’s more than just an exercise; it’s a shared experience that fosters camaraderie, resilience, and a whole lot of laughs.

The challenge itself is straightforward: hold a plank position for as long as possible. But the benefits go far beyond physical fitness. As colleagues cheer each other on, offer tips, and celebrate milestones together, they’re building trust, communication, and a sense of shared accomplishment.

The plank challenge is inclusive, adaptable to all fitness levels, and easily scalable to fit your team’s schedule and goals.

Ditch the traditional office workouts and embrace the squat challenge – a fun, effective way to get your team moving and grooving together. But this isn’t your average leg day; it’s a high-tech, high-energy experience that leverages computer vision technology to take team building to a whole new level.

If you use a squat challenge app – For the duration of the challenge, every squat performed by each employee is automatically tracked and tallied, feeding into a real-time leaderboard that showcases individual and team progress. It’s a thrilling race to the top, where every rep counts and the final standings determine the ultimate squat champions.

Unroll your mats and embrace the zen with an office yoga challenge that’s not just about flexibility, it’s about fostering a healthier, happier workplace. This isn’t your typical downward dog; it’s a personalized, interactive experience that empowers employees to deepen their yoga practice, improve their technique, and connect with their inner peace.

With the help of an AI-powered yoga coach accessible through a dedicated app, your team will learn a variety of poses at their own pace. The AI coach guides them through each movement, providing real-time feedback and adjustments to ensure proper form and alignment. This personalized instruction not only makes yoga accessible to all levels, but it also creates a safe space for beginners to learn and grow.

Outdoor Sports Days

On days allocated for sports, infuse games like two-legged races, cycling, volleyball, and others to name but a few that require teamwork. This helps to build employee cooperation. In return, celebrate success with picnics or lunch of course with photograph sessions

4 Ways to Plan a Successful Wellness Team Building

1. Make use of Online Tools and Apps for Wellness Activities

While we are not ignorant of our sufficient availability of resources on our mobile devices, employee wellness apps that encourage fitness and well-being as well as workplace engagement platforms, serve as a reliable source for tracking employees’ progress in such areas.

2. Self-motivated Health Activities

Workers should be encouraged to challenge themselves to get fit, which could serve as a motivation to their colleagues. It is not enough to be outward driven, but an inward impulse would help to encourage oneself and likewise boost one’s creativity.

Employees must be encouraged to set goals and ensure that their vision is achieved. This can be done by group tracking their progress and being intentional about each milestone. This brings in the value of accountability in fitness and well-being.

What is fitness and wellbeing without being inclusive about it? One should address health matters that are most beneficial to you. With this motivation, one is liable to find partners that share similar interests and from there, the collaboration begins. This will help to keep the environment friendly and hopeful.

Research work by Gallup showed that organizations with high employee engagement backed up with strong connections of team members and a standard relationship grow to outdo the rest of the labor market.

Team building activities are tagged a necessity because it goes beyond the pleasure of doing an activity outside of work to include the growth of an organization that invests in it. Using apps and platforms can boost participation and engagement and drive a positive ROI.

Health and wellness team-building activities can boost morale and productivity, but navigating the legal landscape is crucial. From ADA compliance to protecting employee privacy, understanding the legal considerations is essential for creating a safe and inclusive environment for all. Learn more about the legal aspects you need to know before launching your next wellness initiative.


We hope this essay has been able to justify and convince you of the need to ensure that both employees and employers take cognitive action toward their well-being to ensure productivity in a positive state of mind

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