Top 5 Team Building Solutions In 2024

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Are you looking for a means to upgrade your team’s performance and make the output even better? An enhanced connection between your teammates will greatly impact their ability and teamwork

Research work by Gallup showed that organizations with high employee engagement backed up with strong connections of team members and a standard relationship grow to outdo the rest of the labor market.

Team building activities are tagged a necessity because it goes beyond the pleasure of doing an activity outside of work to include the growth of an organization that invests in it. The ROI on team building has proven to be positive and has a direct contribution to the company’s success.

However, there are numerous options to choose from, how do you choose which is best suited for your team’s needs? Below, are some of the top 5 solutions for 2024 that help lessen the weight of team budgets all having unique distinctions.

Reaction Club is a team-building platform that keeps your team connected and motivated. It offers a wide range of activities like a step challenge, photo challenge, score prediction game and more to keep things fresh and engaging.

The platform makes it easy for HR leaders to set up activities and rewards admins with points and recognition for their efforts. This gamified approach boosts participation and retention. If engagement drops, you can quickly switch to a new activity without needing a new app.

Reaction Club also helps celebrate birthdays and other milestones, creating a positive work environment. It’s a self-serve platform, perfect for team leaders and HR managers who want to connect their teams easily.

The platform offers a free version and free trial options, making it accessible for any team to start. According to SimilarWeb, Reaction Club is the fastest employee engagement solution in the world.

Reaction Club’s mission is “To make work a place where people feel like they belong,” ensuring every employee feels valued and motivated.


  • All-in-one platform for making employees engaged including team building, wellbeing, celebrations and recognition and rewards
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Gamified approach to boost participation
  • Celebrates birthdays and milestones
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Free version and trial available


  • Limited focus on in-person activities
Example of Reaction dashboard for selecting team building activities
Reaction Club's team building platform

2. Confetti

Confetti is a marketplace for virtual team-building activities, providing several options of workshops, classes, and lessons all put together to connect workers who engage remotely.

We can say that it allows for flexible scheduling, a diverse selection of activities, and a nicely structured virtual format. Similar to the above-mentioned, this platform likewise may not offer in-person experiences. Also, it has a heavy dependency rate on technology and internet access.


  • Wide variety of virtual activities
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Well-structured virtual format


  • No in-person experiences
  • Participation rate might not be high due to “zoom fatigue”
  • Can be costly depending on the chosen activities


This Slack add-on motivates an informal connection of workers through activities like virtual coffee chat, icebreakers, etc. Its virtue is that it encourages casual interactions, smooth integration with Slack, and promotes cross-team communication. The problem attached to it, however, is its less structured activities and its reliance on participation.


  • Encourages casual interactions
  • Integrates seamlessly with Slack
  • Promotes cross-team communication


  • Activities are less structured
  • Relies on employee participation
  • Limited to Slack users

4.Culture Amp

On another note, this avenue was curated for gathering feedback, encouraging survey engagement, and analyzing team culture. Its features include a long-term development focus, detailed solutions, and data-driven insights.

Consequently, it requires time investment which is tailored towards long-term analysis rather than a quick fix.


  • Focuses on long-term development
  • Offers detailed solutions
  • Provides data-driven insights


  • Requires significant time investment
  • More geared towards long-term analysis than quick fixes
  • Can be expensive

5.Escape Rooms

This is an activity that involves in-person or virtual escape room experiences where team members are required to solve riddles and puzzles to get out of a themed room within a time frame.

The benefit of this is that it promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and communication despite all odds. However, its demerit consists of the problem that lies with scheduling and coordination.


  • Promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and communication
  • Can be a fun and memorable experience


  • Requires scheduling and coordination
  • Can be expensive
  • May not be suitable for all teams or individuals

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on available data and may be subject to change. It is recommended to visit the respective app’s website for the latest and most accurate information regarding features

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